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Next to Burger King
Miami, FL 33133

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Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm
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TriJungle - Triathlon Clothing, Triathlon Gear & Training Equipment Store

Thereís no doubt that on the morning of a triathlon it feels as though every inch of your body is alive with excitement. Just donít let that feeling trick you into thinking you can skip the Skins compression tights! Whether youíre shopping for the best compression tights for women, or men running tights top your list, offers a handpicked selection, chosen by the triathletes at Tri Jungle Headquarters. We know what we look for in compressions sleeves and tights, and when we find something that exceeds our expectations we just canít help but offer it to our customers. See what team players we are!

Beyond the benefits Skins compression tights offer on the outside, reducing possibilities for friction and letting you slice through the air and water like a living machete, they are performing the real magic for your muscles. Compression sleeves and tights are designed to facilitate faster removal of lactic acid, improved circulation and oxygenation for some muscles, and to reduce muscle vibration as you move, which can aid substantially in cutting down on fatigue and soreness during exercise and after. Finding the compression tights for women or men running tights that will work best for you is easy when youíre shopping at Because anything less than awesome never makes its way past our door!

Skins Compression Sport Long Tights
Skins Compression Sport Long Tights

Price : $104.99

Skins Essentials Sport Calf Tights Compression Sleeves MX
Skins Essentials Sport Calf Tights Compression Sleeves MX

Price : $59.99

Skins A200 Long Compression Tights
Skins A200 Long Compression Tights

Price : $109.99