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Store Address
2803 SW 27 Ave
Next to Burger King
Miami, FL 33133

Store Front Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

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TriJungle - Triathlon Clothing, Triathlon Gear & Training Equipment Store
Tri Suits Men
You might throw on your favorite black tee for a Saturday bike ride through the park, but when you’re training for or competing in your next triathlon, cotton isn’t up to the challenge! Think of triathlon suits for men as a smarter second skin, where every stitch, zipper and panel has a purpose. There’s nothing accidental about any of the triathlon suits for men that we proudly carry at – in fact, they are among the most advanced athletic equipment on the market for any sport. From the feature-packed 20BPM tri suit from Rocket Science Sports, which is nothing short of a wearable work of art, to the futuristic RS1 Enduro Orca tri suit with increased hydrodynamics, we work hard to offer the best suit for everyone’s preferences and needs.

Looking for discount triathlon clothing, but aren’t willing to compromise on quality? We don’t blame you one bit! We understand that building a triathlon wardrobe can be very expensive, and we always strive to offer sale prices whenever possible. Our discount triathlon clothing is often simply a style from the year before for which a new design has emerged. Take advantage of this top quality stock and you can enjoy some serious savings on an Orca tri suit or Louis Garneau tri suit, just to name two top picks. From the Fusion 2XU tri suit that seemingly dries in seconds, to the Louis Garneau Comp tri suit that’s ideal for beginners, Tri Jungle is here to help you prepare for every step of your triathlete journey.

2014 Apparel Line Coming Soon!