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Store Address
2803 SW 27 Ave
Next to Burger King
Miami, FL 33133

Store Front Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

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TriJungle - Triathlon Clothing, Triathlon Gear & Training Equipment Store

Champion triathletes routinely make use of various footwear for protection and enhanced performance during competition and faster recovery after intense training. Choose the best tri socks for your training and events.

Zoot compression socks are graduated for faster return of blood to the heart and increased oxygenation of the calf muscles. Compression zones are designed to target specific muscle groups with the optimal pressure for oxygenation. This action is known to reduce recovery times, and many athletes believe compression socks for runners also improve performance.

Moisture is a constant threat to runners and cyclists. Puddles, dew, and water stations all bring the possibility of wet feet. Drymax socks solve the problem by wicking moisture away from the feet to an outer absorbent layer. You won't have to worry about thickness either. Drymax socks are designed for density versus thickness.

Tri socks make a big difference in long-term performance, and some studies now suggest compression socks for runners can improve performance directly. Look further for top brands, including Zoot compression socks, Defeet, Pearl Izumi, Orca and Drymax available here at Tri Jungle.

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