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Miami, FL 33133

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Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm
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TriJungle - Triathlon Clothing, Triathlon Gear & Training Equipment Store

Every triathlete has different preferences and needs in the midst of training and racing. The cycling glove that works well for one may be uncomfortable to another, but at, we provide you with many options so that you can find the cycling glove that suits your personal needs. Itís important to decide which factors are affecting your performance during the cycling leg of your event and to select gloves that will make an improvement.

Winter cycling gloves are helpful for cool and cold weather events. Keeping your hands warm without allowing them to get sweaty is important, and DeFeet Dura Gloves particularly address this issue. These winter cycling gloves are thin enough to permit you some dexterity. At the same time, DeFeet Dura Gloves are comfortable enough that you can wear them throughout your race. Louis Garneau cycling gloves are also excellent choices, providing enough padding and grip that you can hold your handles without fear of slipping. Fingerless Louis Garneau cycling gloves are perfect for those who want a little bit more flexibility without sacrificing the palm padding.

DeFeet Dura Glove
DeFeet Dura Glove

Price : $15.99