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Xlab Carbon Wing Bike Hydration System
Xlab Carbon Wing Bike Hydration System
Xlab Carbon Wing Bike Hydration System
Item Code : xl-1129
Pro Cycling Store
Regular Price : $139.99
product description

Xlab Carbon Wing Bike Hydration System

Storage Ability

XLab wanted the next generation of carriers to solve the problem of storing keys, cell phones, cash, tire levers, and other essential items. These and other items can be stored in the Xlab Mini Top Bag which drops vertically and easily into the rear 'luggage compartment' and is secured by the top X-Strap.

As you can see below, you have two choices for storing your CO2 cartridges and Nanoflator, or Xlab Speed Chuck on the rear of the Carbon Wing, using the optional hexagonal X-NUT or in the Xlab Mini Top Bag.

Tires and tubes are always an issue, so now you can attach them neatly under the Carbon Wing inside the Xlab Tire Lower Bag, Xlab Kona Lower Bag, or without the bag.


With the new Carbon Wing you can use a single bottle cage on the rear or one on each side. These cages have no restrictive protrusion where the bottle enters the cage, instead the bottles are held in place with 4 proprietary X-Grip teeth between the two mounting screws.

Adjustable Mounting

One of the key features invented by Xlab is the dual mounting holes for the saddle rail clamps. One position sets the bottle cages close to vertical and the other inclines the cages for rider preference. Because of it's past success, we have kept the same feature in the Xlab Carbon Wing for customizing the installation.

What is it made out of?

Carbon Fiber and proprietory composite matrix. We use the latest carbon fibre composite with a special lay-up and resins to provide the toughest carbon carrier on the market with no twisting like other carbon hydration carriers

Things to add onto The Carbon Wing

  • Cage: Gorilla Cage
  • Carbon Rails: Carbon Rail Clipset
  • Inflator Holder: X-Nut
  • CO2:CO2 Cartridge
  • Inflator:Nanoflator
  • Inflator:Speed Chuck
  • Bag:Mini Top Bag
  • Bag:Tire Lower Bag
  • Bag: Kona Lower Bag

Xlab Wing Add


product features
  • Carbon Wing chassis.
  • 1 Set XCW top and bottom straps.
  • All hardware and instructions.
  • Weight: 55 grams
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty